Tuesday, January 29, 2013

La-Di-Da-Di-Da: Spred Out; Faith-less; Toxicity

  ZAAAAP! This image got over 70 "forwards" (shares)  from my wall alone today. It touches a nerve.
This is the EXACT truth about the Business approach to catastrophic climate change.
  • Sad and way too close to the truth.
 Faith v. Knowing: News out of Mali includes reports that fanatic, religious rebels retreating from Timbuktu had sacked and burned an ancient library, destroying priceless manuscripts.
"Faith"--every and all "faith"--is fundamentally anti-intellectual.
To intellect.
Above all else, against knowledge.
For that reason, more than any other, "faith" should be debunked, exposed for the frauds it perpetrates at every opportunity. "Faith" is not a dispensation from reason...
"Faith" can't survive the concentrated application of knowledge. Like any con game, it falls apart under close inspection.
The grifters who rely on "faith" to fill their collection plates therefore despise and attack knowledge from every angle they can imagine. NOBODY's as imaginative as a grifter protecting her or his grift.
 "Faith" in whatever is basically a stand-in, a surrogate, for knowledge. In the absence of actual data, whatever sounds plausible can be rationalized through narrative. That's ALWAYS how it goes. Then there is "Science," and the "narrative" includes the lab report. "Faith" quickly disperses as an "epistemological" requirement in the face of evidence.
Toxic truisms:
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
But it'll probably kill ya...

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