Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Rulez, Militias

  Orthodoxy: One of--if not THE main--the reasons we teach people to read in school is:
SO THAT THEY CAN FURTHER EXPLORE the ideas to which they are exposed in "school," and correct or amend what they've been 'taught' which their own researches suggest is not strictly "true."

All "history" taught in schools is propaganda. Who doesn't know that?
Then it's up to you to find out about and correct it in your own head
 Yes, unfortunately, I am sad to report: living and learning requires some FUCKING THOUGHT. It's depressing, I know but,after all, education doesn't--or at least isn't supposed--to stop with school. 
School is spozed to be the place where you learn how to continue learning. Only an idiotic putz thinks "school" is the end of that trail..

"Organized religion," which for milennia has substituted for knowledge in a world full of ignorance of basic facts of science, is on the ropes, according to a Salon piece recently. The Internetz are the proximate cause. There are five essential factors: 1) Thanks to the technolofgy and access to the web and to the findings of science, sectarian knowledges can inspire with the same fervor as religions did heretofore; 2) the web presentations of the accumulated idiocies which believers believe will not long withstand mockery; 3) it provides an outlet for reporting not merely the silliness of religions but also their (sexually, murderously, tortyurously) darker sides; 4) it fosters support communities for non-believers who hitherto had mainly to be silent, and 5) with wider exposure, the claims of infallibility, etc, are revealed as contradictory in the context of the multiplicity of beliefs.
Faith fears knowledge. It's not a singular coincidence that all "religious" crimes are THOUGHT crimes: Apostasy, heresy, blasphemy, sacrilege, all are acts inspired by thought, doubt, criticism.
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 "A well-regulated milita" was what the Slave states called their local negro-suppression units, slave patrols, and slave catchers.
The Second Amendment was inserted into the Constitution to appease Patrick Henry (the "give-me-liberty" guy) who was terrified of a slave revolt, and knew the only way to prevent one was to preserve the Owners' guns.
The Rulez:  
RULE # 1: "White people cannot be 'terrorists.'
RULE # 2: If white people engage in terrorist activities, see RULE # 1.
Top Ten Differences between White Terrorists and Others

[follow this link to find a post that explores racialized language ideas, particularly those regarding terrorism:]

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