Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Cultish Respect; Overturning?

  • Respect? I find it risible and wholly laughable that the god-blighted, 'faithful' cultists, who for so many centuries have disparaged, condemned, and proscribed--not to say executed, and certainly NEVER 'respected'-- non-believing people for their 'thought-crimes' critical of "god," NOW howl in righteous fucking anguish when their ignorant, primitive, ridiculous, bloody-minded, patriarchal superstitions are held up as the farcical travesties they so clearly are, and demand that they be "respected" for them...
  • Fuck that, and certainly: Fuck you!


14th And Counting: "Conservatives" have--and have long HAD--their sights set on overturning the 14th Amendment. If they cannot bring it down in one shit, they'll be content to attack it piece-meal, like they attack everything else standing even slightly in the way of the final reduction to absurdity of the notion of popular sovereignty, which is their ultimate goal.
That truculent hypocrite, Rep. Steven King (R-NY), has re-introduced into the new Congress his faux-populist/nativist bill to repeal so-called "birth-right citizenship," which is authorized under a clause in Sect. One of the 14th Amendment. Such citizens are those born in the boundaries of the United States even though their parents were not citizens. Notoriously anti-immigrant, righturd columnist Michelle Malkin is one such, I believe.
I think such "power centers" as there still may be or are on the "left" in DC are notably leery of 1) defending the 14th Amendment and 2) of raising the 14th Amendment defense for ANYTHING in fear of giving the Opus Deists on the SCROTUS an opening to reverse it. It's relevant--it SHOULD be determinative--in MANY current cases and circumstances, including the "debt ceiling," and gay marriage. The debt ceiling is probably unConstitutional, and should not withstand the test of critical jurisprudence before any but the most obdurately anti-democratic jurists.. But Scalia and his house-boy, Clancy Thomas, at least, would vote to overturn it, and probably would be joined by at least Roberts and Alito.
Only FIVE needed to overturn this bulwark and return to those fabled ante-bellum days, where the darkies knew their places.
That's a pretty thin line..

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