Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Anthem; Torque; Balls; Tasty.

I Blame Whitney: When the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration becomes an occasion for aural pyrotechnics and a star-turn at the mic, somebody is misunderstanding the purpose of the occasion and their place in it.
Can't anybody sing the fucker straight, any more, WITHOUT trying to out-Whitney Houston?

If you're a musician, you'll get this.

Torqued JawsThis sorta crap just pisses me off so much, I wanna wreck digits.   
 The warriors are labeled "secularists" and with some cross, and the conflict, according to the text, is results in the "eclipse of reason." Ex-fucking-SCUUSE ME!@
Secularists are, by definition, rational; are, in fact, the party of reason.
Yes, facts are often "liberal." What of it?

In ANY case, virtually every religious conflict since the Sumerians has been waged between partisans of competing sects. Secularism hasn't played any part--except that of the perpetual victim of intolerance by ALL.
This sorta shit--elaborately false equivalences portrayed as the wisdom of the ancients--just tightens my jaws til my fucking teeth crack.

Incoming: Pro golfer Phil Mickelson is now trying to withdraw his dick from his mouth, after complaining the increased taxes approved by the voters would drive him out of California. He now regrets his remarks. Yes, he should have kept his fucking rich, privileged, flapping, fucking mouth shut.
But he didn't.May I say, in all heartfelt simplicity and honesty:
He inhabits the HIGHEST economic circles on the planet, but resists paying his share of the burden of sustaining him in the style to which he's accustomed.
Dear Phuckstick Phil: 
May I commend your attention to the example of  JK Rowling, who as it happens has contributed A FUCKOFALOT more to the history and culture of the world than you EVER did? Take a lesson, you shit-eating dickwipe?

And NOW I hope he get's pelted with pennies from now on when he steps up to address the ball. To help him pay his taxes, yaknow?

A Tasty Treat:

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