Friday, January 4, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Wurds; Young Earth; "Free Will?" Selective Outrage

What books kids read in school only really matters if you think/believe that those are the ONLY books those kids will EVER read.
Wurd!: As a "word-nerd," a "syntax-snob" and a "grammatik-geek," I totally concur...
Remember: Those people who believe this arrant nonsense also drive cars, purchase weapons, and spew children like horny rodents.
"Free will" is a scam
It was invented by priests and their satraps in civil authority as a way to assign blame to the peons, themselves, for their inability to avoid or escape the traps which the churches and the royalty set up to keep them in their low estate, and make them accept it as "natural."
The VERY best for which an individual may hope is a limited amount of "local autonomy," which permits the ILLUSION of choice in a narrow range of basically insignificant matters.

Is there such a thing as free will and choice?  What do you think?

“For we convinced physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent.” Albert Einstein.

Thinking like Einstein, we can realize that events just happen. They exist eternally in their own particular point in space-time. All events just exist. Just like “frames” that make up a cartoon, every single “frame” with a slight difference between them (change). But the concept of change has no meaning with respect to a single moment in time because “frames” do not change. There is no flow of time.

Using reasoning alone, and following this idea, we can see that the illusion of the past, present and future exists; nevertheless, we call those “frames” past, present and future using as reference point the moment of experience or consciousness of the “experiencer.” If they (events, frames) exist already even before being experienced that means that these “events” or frames are predestined. Predestination is meaningful in a cyclical view of time. An orange seed is predestined to become an orange. “Frames” or events will show these consecutive “picture stills.”  An orange seed cannot become anything else but an orange, thus there is nothing to reject or fear about predestination.

 Selective Outrage?Woody callz bullshit! Waco is Jonestown for white people.
In any case, there were enough weapons and ammo IN the Davidian house--and they were using them-- that, if the claims that guns protected you were sustainable, the Davidians should have been able to repel the attack, nest paw?
It seems to me that the Dividians provide an effective counter-example: It doesn't matter HOW well armed you are, if the Gummint wants to gitcha, they GONNA!

And why is this the paradigm case? There's a lot of selective outrage: Nobody raised a similar hue and cry when the City of Philadelphia fire-bombed a tenement block in West Philly to dislodge MOVE, and 11 people, including 5 kids, died, and 65 homes were destroyed in 1985 (Raygun's folks presided.)

But, hey, they were only uppity blacks, so I guess it didn't really count?
 The sad story of Waco Texas
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Like this post, except for the bit about Simon Pegg, who makes sense to me. It's a bit unclear if you're saying he talks 'arrant nonsense' as well.

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Is Simon Pegg the geek quote?