Friday, January 25, 2013

TBGO: Anti-vaccanoyance; DisAppointment Grows; Hoketh, Thou? Union Busting at the USPO

Eighty, and Counting: This thread spawned 80-plus comments before supper. It's a contentious topic, for some reason:
This (meme) is fucking STOOOOOOPIT!
The fact that we didn't vaccinate as much in the past doesn't mean the diseases weren't there, or that people--especially kids--weren't getting sick from these illnesses..
It means we didn't have vaccines.
This anti-vax crapola is total, fucking dumb-ass ignorance.
Ignorance is a MAJOR disease vector.
You can read the whole thread here.

Another Dis-Appointment: Mary Jo White, big-time financial revolving door-rider in the securities industry. The New Yorker is cautiously supportive but David Sirota took a much dimmer view in a column on Salon.
Fine "promises." NONE of which will happen. The purpose of her nomination is to make it LOOK like something will be done.
White's a paid-up, careerist/opportunist who's cycled back and forth through the revolving door between the Gummint and the CorpoRats for her whole career. Her loyalties are to her paycheck and her retirement accounts. Yer de-fuukin-LUSIONAL if you think she'll fix anything if it jeopardizes her NEXT job..
If you read PAST the first graf in the NYer, you learn:

 "While White does have a long track record of prosecuting white-collar crime, she has also—more recently, as a partner at Debevoise and Plimpton—compiled an impressive record defending white-collar clients, including the former Bank of America C.E.O. Ken Lewis and the former Morgan Stanley C.E.O. John Mack, and has represented corporations in S.E.C.-enforcement proceedings. White is, in other words, someone who has worked on both sides."
But Sirota expands the broad strokes, and shows how she got an SEC investigator FIRED foir merely having the temerity to want to interview financial giant/ceo John Mack
With a Hey, Nonnie-nonnie!:
I forget if I've posted this here before.. But no matter.
It's quite brilliant.

"The Hokey Pokey, Shakespearean Style" by Jeff Brechlin is a winning entry in The Style Invitational, The Washington Post's weekly humor/wordplay contest.

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The War on the Post Office: This is a MUCH bigger deal than anybody is letting on. 
There is a fantasy that IT is sufficiently ubiquitous that snail-male can be disposed of (and of course, those inconvenient unions killed off, too). 
I'll bet there are at least 10-20% of the population to whom the Netz are 1) inaccessible (no connection device) or 2) too expensive (lo mismo?) or 3) too technologically forbidding (elderly folks, possibly), and who are dependent on the PO for their ability to do their business, etc. 
It is unjust in the EXTREME to regard them--no matter the proportion--as throw-aways.
The history of the rightard/GOP assault on the Postal Service, which began under Poppi Bush, should make a citizen furious.

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