Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Are Bushevik US Attys STILL Prosecuting Politcal Crimes?

It's now approaching 4 months since Obama took over, and there are still dozens of Bushevik appointees in the DoJ US Attorney positions. Why hasn't Eric Holder cleansed the rest of the Bushevik filth out of the US Attorneys division? Why do egregiously political Bushevik appointees still prosecute the bushevik agenda in the Obama DoJ?

Remember, any holdover USAttys have had at one time to withstand the kind of partisan scrutiny that cost 10 of their peers their jobs in the run-up to the 2004 'election.' The ones fired--including David Iglesias, here in NM--were blamed by Karl Rove for not having been sufficiently partisan in their political prosecutions, had not helped local GOPukes ENOUGH in establishing the "permanent Republican majority." Rove told Beto Gonzales to sack'em and sack 'em Gonzo did. Leaving the ones still in place to do the mischief assigned to them by political operatives

Several have actually sworn to obstruct their eventual removal. One of the most egregious cases is the one involving former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. Siegelman was removed from office, and railroaded into prison on trumped-up charges by pals of Karl Rove in a blatant (successful) power grab to steal the Alabama Statehouse for the GOP. Mark Crispin Miller has been a frequent commentator on the matter and he has another piece up, with links, today.
As noted earlier, the federal prosecutors–Eric Holder’s prosecutors–now want to shove Don Siegelman back into a prison cell not merely for the seven years that they wanted for him–an inordinate sentence to begin with–but for twenty (20).

Meanwhile, there is now a wealth of evidence that nails Mark Fuller, the Alabama judge who has tormented Don for years, as outright criminal himself. In his case, the evidence is both copious and solid. He ought to be impeached, then tried in federal court, and sent to prison.

Below is Velvet Revolution’s call for Obama/Holder to get rid of those ferocious prosecutors, and to probe the dirty doings of Judge Fuller. Below that is Roger Shuler’s detailed piece about the judge’s filthy past.


I. Vindictive Prosecutors Want Siegelman To Die In Prison:
VR Calls For The Removal Of Siegelman Prosecutors And Investigation Of His Judge

We have been very vocal in trying to bring justice to ex-Alabama Governor Don Siegelman who was targeted for political prosecution by Karl Rove and his cronies for being a popular Democrat. See our Restore Justice Campaign. A few months ago, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out several of his convictions and ordered that he be resentenced from his original seven year sentence.

Well, incredibly, the same vindictive prosecutors who railroaded Siegelman in the first place have now asked that his sentence be increased to 20 years, which amounts to a death sentence for the 63 year old Democrat. And now, new evidence has been reported in the past few days pointing to even more disturbing information about the corrupt federal judge who sentenced Siegelman. According to this report, Judge Fuller had a personal grudge against Siegelman that bordered on hatred.

Enough is enough. President Obama, you promised to clean up the DOJ. VR calls on you to act now. You must remove all the bad Bush United States Attorneys like Laura Canary, who is Rove’s best friend in Alabama. You must also order a major investigation into the workings and history of Judge Fuller who has been surrounded by allegations of corruption and criminal activity going back decades. If Judge Fuller is dirty, he needs to be removed from the bench and prosecuted. If he is clean, then an independent prosecutor, after conducting a comprehensive investigation, should say so. Confidence in the judiciary is the foundation of our democracy, and clearly Judge Fuller lacks that confidence.
Read the rest at News From The Underground. It is worth recalling here, too, that Siegelman was convicted and imprisoned for "crimes" as Governor of Alabama that were identical with actions performed in Texas by both Gov. Goodhair AND Gov. Chimp during their tenures.

I asked at the top of this piece "Why do egregiously political Bushevik appointees still prosecute the bushevik agenda in the Obama DoJ?" There seems to me to be no other answer than that that's how Obama and Holder want it. Why do you suppose that is?

Serious question...

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