Wednesday, May 20, 2009


therefore unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasar's...

Unless you're a church with actual, non-clerical, employees.

Then feel free to stiff the good people when hard times come. Via ReligionClause:
Laid-Off Church and Synagogue Employees Find No Unemployment Benefits

UPI today, in a report from Richmond, Virginia, says that many people recently laid off their jobs by churches and synagogues are surprised to find that they are not entitled to state unemployment benefits. Under Virginia law, churches are exempt from paying unemployment taxes. (Va. Code § 60.2-213(B)) The Catholic Diocese of Richmond has a voluntary self-insurance arrangement with the state under Va. Code § 60.2-501. Laid-off workers file for unemployment, and if the claim is approved, the state bills the Diocese for the actual amount of benefits paid out to the former employee.
Churches not being required to abide by employment or unemployment mandates of the State seems to me a serious misuse of the separation clause which does not forbid churches from acting in the public sphere.

Of course, what with their laying up 'savings' in Heaven, the clerical helpers don't really need physical 'unemployment' benefits, I guess.

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