Saturday, May 30, 2009


The anthropologist Clifford Geertz tells the story (though it is probably apocryphal) of interviewing a Mahout in Bali about the local cosmogeny. He asked the mahout how was the earth suspended in the heavens.

The mahout, an elephant trainer, said the world rested on the back of an enormous elephant.

Geertz then asked "well, where does the elephant stand?" And the mahout explained, patiently, that the Elephant stood on the back of the mother of all water Buffaloes.

When Geertz, then asked where the Buffalo stood, it was on the back of the biggest Crocodile in the universe.

"And where," Geertz persisted, "does the Crocodile stand?"

The mahout countered that everyone knew the Crocodile stood on the back of the the biggest Turtle you ever knew, and anticipating the anthropologist's next question, he continued "After that, sahib, it's Turtles all the way down."


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