Thursday, May 21, 2009

Was It A "Coincidence"

...Which installed a talented, but woefully inexperienced, painfully naive, creepily accomodationist, super-cautious, already co-opted, rookie Senator in the WhiteHouse in the teeth of the most ferocious array of national crises in living memory?

I don't think so. There is a point to it.

Obama, though he valiantly resists and stubbornly declines the 'honor,' is INEVITABLY the 'public avatar' for that emerging, but still terribly amorphous and uncoordinated, coalition of disparate "minority" interests which poses the only potential threat to the hegemony of the Bosses: blacks, browns, women, working folk.

Even though Obama is NOT and does NOT want to be allied with those interests, he cannot escape the appearance of sympathy for their issues which his ethnic heritage would seem to compel on him.

From Owners' point of view, the best thing that could have happened would be to have this unwilling avatar, sinecure of all eyes, and the hope of the 'movement,' in Office, and then to have him fail, spectacularly.

That's what's been set up here. Obama, while he utterly denies he's an agent for social justice and fairness among the disadvantaged people, and actively shuns programs that could improve their lot, is STILL the "FIRST NON-WHITE PRESIDENT." When (not if--they got it all figured out, with wars, economic collapse, health care struggles, and global climate change crises) Obama fails, his failures will be held to be the failures of all those who looked to him to help them empower themselves. It will be used to ensure that no one "LIKE" him ever gains traction in the electorate again.

In failing, Obama will actually secure the power of the bosses he NEVER wanted to threaten, and in effect close the door for future "minority' interests probably until LONG AFTER the "White Majority" has been at least demographically erased...

Now THAT'S a coincidence...

Yes, I do think "they" are that smart, that ruthless, and that powerful...

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Dusty said...

Oh hell yeah they are that ruthless and powerful. The PNAC crowd finally got their way with the Middle East, specifically Iraq, didn't they?