Monday, May 25, 2009

Liz Cheney: How Does She Know What She Knows and When Did She Learn It?

Darth Cheney's septic spawn, Liz Cheney, has been out on the cabloid hustings sprinkling lye on her papa's still-damp scat,, extolling the policies of the dearly departed Bushevik regime, and casting spurious doubts profligately on Obama "national security policies": generally, what they call "talking shit."

She seems very well informed.

Even TOO well informed, given the ONLY legitimacy she has on these issues is the family name.

Yes, she was a (political, nepotistic) appointee in some PR/Propaganda branch at the State Department, or the Pentagon. So? What? Junior Special Assistant To The Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary For Internal Propaganda and Disinformation? Speaks with the kind of authority which compels the CorpoRat press to respect her opinions?

C'mon. She's talking authoritatively about stuff she has no reason to know anything about or, knowing which, she has any business talking about.

I mean, are you comfortable that the former Vice/Co-President's daughter seems to be so conversant in the intimate workings of the very state-craft of the now-gratefully-departed regime's inner workings? It makes me both nervous and curious.

This does seem really to have become Famiglia Cheney, doesn't it? And Liz's the new "consigliere." There's vid and chatter at C&L.

Comes close to confirming, once and for all, that the Executive branch--for at least the last 8 years, and probably since 1968 or so--really HAS been best understood and interpreted as a vast, global criminal enterprise.

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