Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Holy Warriors"? Wholly Fucked!

The following are examples of evangelical proselytization practices detailed in the Harper’s Magazine cover story in the may issue, by Jeff Sharlet, titled "Jesus Killed Mohammed." US soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines take an oath to defend the Constitution but, being fundi-evangelist/wackloon/theocratic fucktards, they see no contradiction in their serial violations of the mandated separation of church and state.
* An Easter Sunday raid on Iraqi insurgents in 2004. Special Forces Officers, inspired by a showing of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, wrote the words “Jesus Killed Mohammed” in Arabic on their Bradley Fighting Vehicle and shouted the saying in both English and Arabic to entice Muslim soldiers into the open before embarking on an attack to put down the insurgency.
* A meeting of an underground all-male, cadet-led prayer group at the U.S. Air Force Academy where members discuss, among other things, the deceptions necessary for missionary work in China. The author attended the group’s meeting under the promise that he would not publish the group’s name out of fear that: “Those who do believe in separation of church and state might interfere with its goal of turning the world’s most elite war college into its most holy one, a seminary with courses in carpet bombing.”
* Interviews with Lieutenant Colonel Bob Young in which he defends and shows no remorse for stating that it would be better for a black to be a slave in America and know Christ, than to be free and not know Christ.
* A speech given by Army Lieutenant Colonel Greg Metzgar before the Officers Christian Fellowship – a group with 15,000 active members at 80 percent of military bases – in which he stressed: “Christian soldiers must always consider themselves behind enemy lines, even within the ranks, because every unsaved member of the military is a potential agent of ‘spiritual terrorism.’”
* Excerpts from a book published in 2005 by Lieutenant Colonel William McCoy, Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel, which describes an “anti-Christian bias” in this country he seeks to counter by making the case for the “necessity of Christianity for a properly functioning military.” McCoy’s book was endorsed by General David Petraeus, who said: “Under Orders should be in every rucksack for those moments when soldiers need spiritual energy.” General Petraeus, while claiming his statement was not meant for the public, has never recanted his statement.
The most egregious violators of the separation rule seem to be officers of the highest rank. These fuckers, these utterly useless, vile, seditious "brass-hatted" shitwhistles deserve to be court-martialed, stripped of rank, and sent to prison for life, because they're too dangerous to be set loose.

Mikey Weinstein's vital blog, the MRFF (Military Religious Freedom Foundation), is an invaluable resource in this battle against these so-called "soldiers of god" for the secular soul of the USer military. The vid here demonstrates again just how common and wide-spread is the attitude that the chaplaincy exists mainly for the purpose of proselytizing, either to hapless, helpless troops, or to the indigenous populations where troops are stationed.

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