Saturday, March 7, 2009

The occasional Depression is actually GOOD for the Country.

Keeps the people on their toes.

Freshens things up.

Nobody takes anything for granted anymore.

People are grateful for what they get: jobs, health insurance, food, clothes, whatever.

They know their places...can be repossessed at any time, can be taken by somebody more desperate for work.

Insecurity among the Proles is a good thing. Keeps 'em from organizing, cuz they're working so hard just to break even.

Plus, it gives the wealthy/elites/oligarchs a chance to reclaim their property, which they've been leasing to the Proles (though the Proles thought they were buying...silly wabbits), at bargain basement prices, if anything at all; court costs. Chump change, really.


Dusty said...

Well, those reasons were friggin depressing as hell.

kelley b. said...

Then you've got addled pates like that of Robert Bork, who in his Slouching Towards Gommorrah apparently (I never actually read the tripe) said that in order to return the country to its proper moral roots it would have to have another Great Depression.

Most of the aristocrats are too discreet to actually come out and say it like that.