Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fum, Fo, Fie, Fee, I Smell The Stench of Sanctimony

I don't like to go all meta, and start discussing 'blogging" per se, or the practitioners thereof, but...

Come ON, people!

Yes, Rush Limbaugh is a vicious (shrewd) and forthrightly racialist/classist/chauvinist/nativist demagogue. His utterances are repellant, his (apparent) "philosophy" is repugnant, his outlook is reptillian, his appetites are rapacious, and his appearance is repulsive. None of his "bad" behaviors--things that get normal people thrown into state prison for DECADES, with a bunky named Thor--have ever stuck to him. This won't either, and in anything like a logically coherent universe this time, at least, probably it shouldn't.

Slimeball has been on the air (in now over 1000 cities) for more than 25 years. He has a constituency (Hint: the 60 million or so voters who voted 'for' McCain). So, when he said he hoped Obama "fails," he was saying no more than in all probability EVERY Puke member of Congress, their staffs, their wives and their children, and their constituents back home also thought and fondly believed was a patriotic sentiment.

Of course he hopes Obama will fail. Obama's failure is one of only two ways the Pukes and their corpoRat masters will regain the perqs and appurtenances of power (i.e., the command of the military, which will be crucial in the coming troubles; the other being the next 'terror' attack, in which case Obama will be impeached before the ashes are cold, and Slimeball will be instigatiing a lynch mob from his studio at Cap Cities Communications, which owns him).

But I'll tell you a secret. From the day that the Brooks Brothers' riot shut down the Miami-Dace recount, I hoped and wished and desired and wanted Bush to fail at anything and everything, with every shred of my being. Nov. 22, 2000 I began my failure watch. And I know (this is where the sanctimony comes in) that I was not, and am not, alone. Did you REALLY want that smirking, simpering, strutting, swaggering piece of simian turd to succeed?I didn't.

Before 9/11, I cherished every moment of his lack of grace, I reveled in his every bumble, I toasted his inanities. I gleefully partook in Slate.Com's Rumsfeld Death Watch. I reviled the drooling simpleton, I derided his policies, I attacked him personally and as ruthlessly as I could. I was eventually driven off Slate (in the end, around 10 other blogs) for the venom of my vituperation. From the moment he unleashed the white frat boys, I KNEW what was in store for the country. I had absolutely no doubt, and I hated him for it, with a hatred that has not abated, even with his departure from Washington. I want him and his whole crew, at the very least, in stocks for two days on the National Mall.

So I find it amusing and simultaneously galling to read 'left/lib' blogs, in the columns and comments of which the 'victors' (this time) excoriate Slimeball and his ilk for their shameless admission of what is the obvious truth. Slimeball and the rest of the Rightards WANT Obama to fail because if in the extremely unlikely event that Obama and the Dims do not "fail," the Slimeball and the Right cannot hope to regain power. Probably they cannot return to power absent the almost total collapse of the State.

(Much is made of an Obama/FDR, '09/'29 analogy. The Pukes, to take the rhetorical initiative, need to be able to cast Obama as the Dim Hoover. The Dims failed to pin the Hoover label on Bush, where it obviously belongs, but that's maybe because Bush is more like the Coolidge of the analogy. The Pukes are poised in the wings with their latter-day FDR, maybe Jeb Bush (I don't intend the analogy to be any more than structural). But I digress...)

So yes, just as any sane, sensible, reality-based citizen these last eight years wished profoundly that the Busheviks would fail to harm the Nation and the polity any more than they already had, so the insane, insensible, fantasy-based retards of the right now proudly and loudly 'wish' Obama will fail. Yet my strongest objections to the contrary notwithstanding, the Busheviks succeeded beyond their wildest hopes at the chore they were set, which was, in a word, gutting the commons and making the people like it.

Mission: Accomplished.

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