Friday, March 13, 2009

Bernie Madoff's Wife Will Keep Million$$$?

What the fuck?

If Bernie had been caught dealing $10k worth of cocaine or week, he'd have gone to jail (and probably not Club Fed).

AND his house, cars, art, home, and everything associated with him would have been forfeit, on the theory of the fruit of the poisoned tree.

The INSTANT he pled guilty, they'd have swept it all up and put itout for auction.

But the Scumbag Billionaire stole fucking BILLIONS. AND his wife and family get to keep that $800Million nest egg?

No, really:
Some had hoped that prosecutors would force Madoff to name any accomplices who helped carry out the fraud. Now many investors look at the plea hearing as a setback of sorts because Madoff is entering the plea without a deal with prosecutors. That means he is under no obligation to disclose names or turn over assets.

His victims are doubtful that the plea will lead to the prosecution of anyone who helped Madoff or the recovery of additional money for the defrauded. Still unclear is how much of Madoff’s family fortune might be forfeited to the government, including the penthouse and tens of millions of dollars in assets in his wife’s name.

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