Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Political Febreze: Hides the stink, not the rot

I am growing very weary with the "Hopers" who--it seems to me--are guzzling Febreze. They're the folks who believe that Obama's election foreshadows a "new hope" for democracy, or justice, or fairness, or anything else that might redound in the ACTUAL "People's" interest.

What fukcing planet do these people live on?

What color's the sky there?

What do they eat and breathe?

What kind of fantasy life must someone lead for them to conceive, foster and harbor the delusion that the Ruling Class in the US (well, of the world, really) would for ANY single tiny, brief SECOND permit the name of ANYONE to appear as THE candidate of either wing of the Party of Privilege and Property, who posed ANY significant challenge to their immensely powerful, phenomenally profitable global enterprise, much less to be installed in ANY capacity where they had the slightest chance to actually "effecting change" in anything.

If Obama (or any of them) posed even the REMOTEST risk to the established hegemonic order, they would simply never have been presented as the Party's (the "One" Party, that party of Property and Privilege) nominee.

He's NOT going to end the various wars the Busheviks started.

He's NOT going to reform insurance out of the Health Care equation.

He's NOT going to restore the protections of the Constitution that the Busheviks attacked (cuz, as the departing Bushies predicted, he's gonna need 'em, in the coming public crisis, when the next terror attack comes --not "if"-- and the economy self-destructs.)

He's not gonna restructure the economy in any significant ways to prevent the coming implosion.

I am today no less--am, in fact, increasingly, more--certain that the Pukes 'threw' the '08 "contest." The margin --6 or 7 points-- was WELL within their capacity to turn-around, with e-voting irregularities, etc. They did it in '04. That they didn't steal it in '08 only suggests to me that they recognized the clusterfuck Buseviks left behind and didn't want it. Knowing how intractable were the problems, and knowing that, in opposition, they could make the notoriously memory-deprived Murkin electorate forget their absolute responsibility for it all, they threw it, and are pursuing a larger, more long-term agenda: the utter destruction of the Democratic "party" as an instrument of opposition, and the final attack on the capacity of anyone but rich, white males to be the figure-head, by way of what will become the demonstrated inability of Obama & the Dims to turn ANYTHING around.

If Michael Steele is a token (as has been asserted in 'librul' discourse lately), what does that make Barack Obama?

I'll tell you: President Febreze. The whole and only purpose of the Elites in installing Obama was to "clean up" the aura of racism in the country, make it "smell" better, while leaving in place all the essential, racial privileges and preferences...


P M Prescott said...

Interesting points.

kelley b. said...

It's basically the old hard cop/ soft cop dichotomy.

The same kinds of people that got filthy rich off Bu$hie are still getting filthy rich off of The One.

It's just the Oborg Prime gets to make eloquent speeches to say how much he really loves us.

Smoove, isn't he?