Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeff Sharlett Reports Some SERIOUSLY Weird Xian Shit

For sexual weirdness, it's hard to top 'evangelicalism.'

Jeff Sharlett, one of the reporters most assiduously on the cases of the Xian/Fundie/Fascisti/Flying Monkey Rightard 'reaction,' since a long time (see, e.g., his revelations about "The Family," D.C.'s underground Xian fetishists who own about half of the Congress and the (last, so far) WhiteHouse), has a chunk of new stuff with which to beguile our imaginings:
“Naked and Guilty” is a story about a hell house in Texas bound up in an essay about sex and evangelicalism, published this winter in the print-only edition of Lapham’s Quarterly. It draws on my last book, but most of it is original to LQ. The new Buddha killers have posted it online.
Young Christians encounter sex, violence, and the eros of evangelicalism in a Texas hell house. Sounds great, but:
A lanky, long-haired teenager from the Honor Academy’s drama team, dressed as a Roman centurion, stood over him with a whip. “Sex and drugs and rock n’ roll!” he hooted. “You did this to Him, man!” Down came the whip. “You did it man!” Blood splattered the front row. Fake, I assumed. Gabrielle swallowed a scream and pushed herself back against the wall, sobbing. Valerie held onto her as the whip continued cracking.
There's a sect of fanatical Xians out thisaway, up in the hills north of Santa Fe, called the "penitentes." Each year they crucify a "lucky" volunteer.

All these fuckers are plain, bat-shit, rabid-rat crazy!

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