Sunday, March 1, 2009

There's This Little "Flaw" In That Whole "Free-Marketplace-of-Ideas" Myth

There's This Little "Flaw" In That Whole "Free-Marketplace-of-Ideas" Myth,... which is that, of course, there is no such thing an a "free marketplace of ANYTHING.

As the following entry from "ThinkProgress" demonstrates:
Coal-sponsored CNN rejects anti-coal ad.

On Thursday, the Reality Coalition launched an ad “to demolish the notion that there’s anything clean about so-called clean coal.” Academy Award-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen created the anti-coal ad to harpoon the coal industry’s greenwashing campaign. Today, Politico’s Mike Allen reported that CNN rejected the ad, which includes the line, “The most trusted name in coal.” Watch it:
Yes, do. But click on through the TP image, to the You-Tube page, and check the comments. If you can read 'em without feeling like opening a vein (and not of coal), you're a better person them me.

As ThinkProgress has reported, CNN’s presidential campaign coverage received significant backing from the coal industry. The Wonk Room’s Brad Johnson has also tracked CNN’s Ali Velshi’s promotion of so-called clean coal.
Who is Ali Velshi?Well, apparently he's not the trustworthy information broker CNN makes him ot to be.

Fact: There is simply no way to oxidize carbon without releasing carbon-dioxide. (D-fuukin'uh!) But there are a buncha people who have a LOT of money invested in coal. Wealthy people, with investments, and interests are the single biggest and best reason that there are, in fact, no 'free-markets" in ideas, or speech.

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