Thursday, August 7, 2008

One Day Soon

The WGG-Blog Empire--Walled-In Pond, Well-Armed Lamb, Woody Guthrie's Guitar, & A Chinchilla of Hope--are at this exact moment just under 1,150 hits away from the minor landmark, 50K HITS!!!.

That's right, some time in the next month or so (depending on how busy it gets), Site-Meter will record the 50,000th hit on my blogs.

I am prepared to recognize and congratulate the person who creates that landmark hit with assorted New Mexico goodies--including chili powder, blue-corn masa, an assortment of salsa, and some NM pinon-roasted coffee beans, a package worth at least $25, plus shipping--to the lucky 50,000th visitor. To claim your prize, when appropriate, send me your ISP that I may compare it to the Site-Meter record. If you are, indeed, the one, I'll contact you within a day or so, to arrange shipping details...

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