Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why NOT McSame! (Not A Question)

Over on WWL, the host, Diane, drafted a side-bar poll aasking the following question:
Which could we use most effectively to beat McCain in the Public Opinion

And then she listed as comprehensive an account of Senator Baby-Killer's "negatives" as I've ever seen gathered together anywhere, to which I've added a couple, too:

* Called his rich, trophy wife a Cunt
* Dumb as a fucking stump
* Set In His Ways
* Owns 7 houses
* Dumped loyal wife after critical injury
* Don't know 'bout no economy
* Offered his wife to bikers titty contest
* Occasional dementia--Pakistan/Iraq border
* Don't know about them shia/sunnis
* Old as hell
* Viagra gets funding/ Birth Control, no
* That innertube thingy????
* War/blood junkie
* Fighter pilot thinks he cans still fly
* Flip flopper
* Incipient Alzheimers
* Timebomb Temper
* Rape Jokes
* He IS McBush
* Opposes Child Health Care
* Would Repeal Roe and Griswold
* Opposed Increased Veterans' Funding

Other suggestions?

Gather them together on a billboard under the heading "Why NOT McSame?" with a suitably ghoulish illustration!

Remember, the folks this'd be aimed at don't do nuance. Keep it short & simple. One line, max...and have fun...

(Addendum: Check out this site, recommended by TheEditors @ S,N!)

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