Thursday, August 14, 2008

The "Brave" Voices at "Crooks&Liars" Turn Out Just Another Bunch of "Pimps & Cowards"?

They're trying everything short of out-right banning to get me to quit posting there.

Gutless Fux!

They started holding my posts, yesterday. For "Moderation." Like they used to do when I was getting shunned at FDL, another gutless buncha faux fighters, pimps and whores...

So, yestiddy, I wrote 'em:
On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 3:52 PM, (Woody) wrote:

with all due respect, why are you holding my posts?

there is nothing offensive in the slightest about them.

it seems an arbitrary act of censorship.

private parties may censor, of course.

hypocrites, mostly, but they may...


woody, tokin librul

To which I got the reply:
A lot of your posts are flame bait. Or they express violence. We'd prefer not to moderate your posts, but it makes more work for us when we don't-or can.

I did not put you in the auto mod queue, but the site monitor who did said "It was me who put woody in mod. Too offensive. Maybe he'll get the hint."

I know you may have a different view of what is offensive than we do, but we're the ones that have to clean up after the fights.

If you can post without being a problem, we can put your comments right through.


C&L Site Team

Then, today, the simply pulled a post, in which i was replying to someone who had questioned my activist 'bona fides.' It was up for a minute, then gone...

I wrote 'em again:
Why'd ya take down my post to Pinky?

on the Casey thread?

Am I not "positive" enough?

It was inoffensive, if perhaps a bit patronizing, and certainly it belabored the obvious.

But it was NOT flame bait. Pinky impugned my character. I never replied directly.

or is this just another suggestion that some perspectives aren't welcome here on C&L?

And guess what?


Me? I call it gutless pimpery...


olo said...

You are so right about much of the chickenshit "moderation" that happens at some sites.
I was deleted from FDL for using the word pussy, of all things. I'll never again post there.

At CB recently one of their trools got in my face for saying "These christofacists will never stop tossing fists in my face so I will likely continue to wish for their immediate journey to the afterlife." Some AH thinks that is a Death Threat. What a pussy. I should send him your link. lol

I've also been deleted from Digby's Hullabaloo by the Hartley shmuck because he didn't agree with my fuck the RIAA position re P2P users.
C&L & others stopped deleting me (probably because of the Bugliosi Book) for wanting a trial, verdict & capital punishment for the perps of Bushco genocide.
My capitl punishment rant gets me deleted from many so-called "lefty" sites.

Lamb Cannon said...

fuck yes, fuckin a, and fuck fuck fuck again...

i have another half dozen or so chickenshit "lefty" sites i'd like to mention but i think i will hold off as the taste of puke in the back of my throat is becoming quite familiar

these cuntlipped losers deserve the shitpit McStain et al are getting ready to throw them into

fuck digby and her pathetic bleats for money. fuck the post-pathetic "wimmen" fucktards, and all of the whiners who honestly expect to make money off of their sophomoric rants.

and in particular, fuck NoBlack O'Bummer, who is poised to become the latest recipient of the Dukakis-Gore-Kerry grow a goddamn pair award. i distinctly recall being told by all the blogturds that the youf of america was gonna rise up and sanctify NoBalls and we'd all get ponies. Guess we were ear-fucked again on that one... where are the little shits now that they're expected to actually do something about it... sitting posting pictures of themselves eating pizza and pricey beers on FaceBook