Saturday, August 30, 2008

Elites Still Undecided: The "Tragic" Scenario, or The "Comic" Senario

#44: Bombin' John McCaint or St. Barry, the Caramel Changer?

There seem to me consequences to either outcome which will suit the ends-in-view of the elites/oiligarchs/pollutocrats, depending on their predictions of the short-term (up to 15 years) prospects for maintaining some of the status quo under the criminal Bushevik regime--stratospheric profits from artificially pricey oil, zero regulation, cheapening labor--in as close to unaltered form as possible.

Scenario 1: This is the "Tragic" scenario, in the 'historical' sense of the word. If they think there's time enough (** See, below), the elites may allow installing Obama in the Oval Office. Where--through the magic of a recalcitrant, nominally (as you say) Dim Congress--he will fail, utterly, abysmally, and predictably, to address, much less solve any of the myriad catastrophes, disasters and assorted clusterfucks perpetrated over the past 8 years by the criminal Bushevik regime. In that predictable, transparent failure, Obama's "hubris" (from the Greek, meaning "uppity-ness") will be used to discredit what remains of liberalism, equity, fairness, or justice, along with the aspirations of any future uppity minorities, for at least 30 years after 2012; ironically, since he has not campaigned as a champion of any of the things he will, if this scenario plays out, be used to destroy.

Scenario 2: It's "comic" only in that it is diametrically opposed to the previous "tragic" one. It could also be called the "skip-to-the-chase" scenario. In this version, the country's owners and landlords are actually spooked about all this climate shit, and aren't all that certain that the system will hold together long enough to pursue the more leisurely approach of Scen. #1. There really may only be another 15-20 years to scoop up all the goodies, or abscond with the treasury. The way these folks think--analogy: no-limit poker--is that only 'winner' is the guy with all the chips. The game's not over til one player has ALL the chips. We've been being ruled by tinhorn gamblers for most of the last decade, and the law is just getting down of the afternoon stage.

That's the one I think Palin's selection points to, because it indicates to me that McCunt doesn't really give much of a shit about who he runs with, that the whole thing is rigged, and his choice is utterly irrelevant.

**Terrible Anti-Catholic/Looseyana Joke:
The little parish school in St. Amant, Louisiana, planned all year for their kids' field-trip down to the Chalmette Battlefield, where Andy Jackson and the tigers from the bayous defeated the British Army in the famed "battle of New Orleans." They even chartered a little riverboat for the trip. Everything was fine, til, on the way back home, they encountered a fog bank and didn't see--and weren't seen by--a towboat rig gliding down river. The towboat and the little riverboat collided, and the little boat started to settle in the water. The skipper shouted to the crew to abandon ship. One of the nuns ran up to the skipper, begging him: "The children? What about the children?" to which the skipper replied: "You heard me. Abandon ship! Fuck the children."
Whereat the priest was heard to muse: "You think there's time?"

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