Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Light Posting Day: Hollywood Calling

Gonna be on a set today, a TeeVee show called "Easy Money."

I'm supposed to portray a grizzled, old guy patronizing a titty-bar.

Damn, type-cast again.

I should also say, here, that the recent 'surge' in hits on my blogs, prompted by random mention in different blogs (S,N!, C&L) for several unrelated causes, suggests to me that the date of my blogs surpassing 50,000 hits (not huge, I know, but significant in my little world) will be sooner than I'd anticipated, and in fact probably will occur before Sept. 1. If you are the 50,000th visitor, I am prepared to supply you with a New Mexico "Care" package, including pinon-roasted coffee, and an assortment of yummy chile products.

I will post the ISP of the 50,000th visitor, and request that the winner contact me THROUGH THE BLOGS to claim their prizes...

Break a leg...

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