Sunday, September 2, 2007

Who Among (You/Us) Truly Believes The "People" Would Actively, and Strenuously, Resist the Imposition By The Right of Martial Law?

In other venues this morning--the 63rd anniversary of the surrender of Japan and the end of WW II, btw--talk is about the forthcoming assault on Iran, and the (possibly parenthetical) imposition of Martial Law to quell such protest and resistance against it as might arise.

It is my opinion, stated oft and bluntly, that I think the "People" would roll over, show their bellies, and crawl back to their 60" plasma screens, to munch pizza, slurp budweiser, and vote on talent shows for the Duration. I doubt that obese, diabetic, drunk, sugar-sated, fat-enlarded Murkins would trade a single chinchilla of their comforts for the whole array of their (putative) liberties.

If you have a contrary opinion, I would be glad to read it, and the reasons

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