Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Senate Recently Approved THe Tri-Partition of Iraq

Mark Hoback (does he have a relative usta live in Santa Fe, I wonder?) on the Aristocrats blog, put up a piece snarking on Joe Biden's pre-presidential foreign policy success, since Biden staked out the position about 18 mos ago.
"Holy Cow! They listened to me! This is the bomb! This is the bomb! Whoo, whoo, whatcha gonna do, gooooo Joe!"
So said Senator Joe Biden, pleasantly shocked by the fact that his resolution calling for the partitioning of Iraq into three sectarian dominated states actually passed in the Senate by a bipartisan 75-23 margin.

Snark aside, it has been evident, to me at least, since the very beginning--March, 03-- that the partition of Iraq was not only one inevitable consequence of the invasion, conquest, occupation, rape and pillage (ICORP) of Iraq, but also--being SO obvious--it had to be one of the goals of the operation.
For one thing, partitioning will make the Iraqi Oil Law, when it is finally implemented, all that much easier for the foreign oil interests to manipulate, setting region against region for the most favorable terms. That was--as no less a complicit fucknozzle as Allen Greenspan has admitted--the overarching purpose of the operation anyway: the oil. More specifically, control of the oil, to eliminate the signatories on the existing energy exploitation contracts and replace them with others more sympathetic to the needs and desires of Dick Cheney's and The Chimp's 'awl' buddies.

Partition moreover ensures future generations of divisive, bloody, inter-sectarian conflict--in a state and region and culture where blood feuds still are the dominant form of social justice. Which internal conflict will keep Iraq from being any active threat to Israel for the foreseeable future.

Partition also makes far more likely and sustainable the establishment of the new military bases in Iraq, most in the north, in the Kurdish regions, where they can be the most strategic land-locked aircraft carriers, extending their range of influence--that's what they call it--from the Black Sea to the Caspian. The bases are safest there, of course, because the autonomy of the indigenes will be protected trhereby from interfernce from anti-Kurd forces in Syria, Iran AND Turkey.

That, friends, is mission: accomplished.
A two-(or is it a four-)fer?

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