Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Couple of "Terrorist" Plots Uncovered Lately.

Apparently/allegedly there have been two more 'terror' plots uncovered, one in Denmark, another in Germany. A total of somewhere between 10 - 13 "perps."
Search [Terror Plots].
The headlines (at least in the US and Australia) are full of the reports.
One thing you notice: to the extent that the charges are plausible--three guys wanna attack Ramstein AB? waddarya, fucking KIDDING me?--the folks 'fighting' terror are NOT fucking soldiers, they're fucking COPS. Now, it's true that COPS are becoming (and behaving) more and more like para-militaries all over the world.
Still, it's not a troop surge, or an invasion or a conquest or an occupation. Like the man (John Kerry, remember) said, preventing terror is a fucking POLICE matter, not a military one..

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