Friday, September 7, 2007

The Sixth Anniversary of IX/XI Being Nigh, H/w My Informed Speculation

By the end of Summer, 2001, after being in (their stolen) office only 8 months, the Busheviks were ALREADY world-wide laughingstocks. The Chimp's visit to Russia, where he basically peed on the carpet in the Hermitage, had marked him as an international featherweight and an uncouth, unlettered, uncultured, drooling simpleton. Wheresoever he went, the strutting, swaggering, simpering simian was met with unleavened scorn.

Their power was shaky at home, too, because--amid, and at least in part because of, all the laughter and criticism--the illegitemacy of the regime's SCROTUS-mandated installation was starting to be an issue:
(T)heir popular support--such as it was;, since Bush was a 'minority' President--was dwindling because they were such evident morons, dolts and incompetents; there were office pools on which of the Cabinet members would resign first and when; there was a Rummie "death watch" on Slate; the AG had nothing better to do than write assinine, patriotic jingles, and cover the breasts of marble statues; their legislative agenda was in shambles/doa; the late-niters--even that drooling shitwhistle Leno--were dropping comic bombs on 'em: many, and every night; the economy was tanking; they'd had to suck major PRC cock to get their spy plane back, Israel was aflame over the intifada; etc. It was chaos.

The Busheviks needed--they absolutely HAD to have--some REALLY BEEG SUMBITCH distraction. "Bin Laden Determined To Strike Inside US" promised just such a relief.

I don't know how much they knew. I doubt the Chimp himself knew much if anything; a dry drunk, obviously he couldn't be trusted not to shoot off his mouth, so he wouldn't have been told. The dumb-struck expression on his face in that Florida classroom told that story.

But Cheney? Cheney fucking knew. I am as sure of it as I am sure of my own name.

Cheney, imho, knew everything about the pending attacks except (maybe) the dates, flight numbers, and exact targets. Intelligence was his particular portfolio. He/they were hoping whatever was coming wouldn't be too bad (and really, it wasn't). But they--Cheney, in particular--really didn't give much of a shit. Any amount of death/terror suited his/their purposes and those of the rest of the PNACabal in the ShiteHouse. It distracted the people from their doubts about Bush, and provided excellent cover--indeed, it could be used as an excuse--for their plans for the Middle East.

How can anyone look at their subsequent record of lies, deceit, prevarication, cover-up and denial and NOT know the Busheviks would tolerate anything, do anything, attempt anything to stay in, and add to, their power?

In service of that one aim and end, they committed the ONE universally acknowledged international sin: They took the country into an illegal, immoral, unprovoked, and unnecessary war of aggression, against an adversary which posed no danger or threat to the sovereignty or territory of the USofA. Whatsoever may or may not eventually be proven regarding their complicity in the IX/XI events, the ICORP (Invasion, onquest, Occupation, Rape & Plunder) of Iraq places the Bushevik regime in league with the bloodiest tyrants and international criminals of all time.

If post-Nazi Germany is an apt example, the fuckers deserve to hang for it.

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