Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seppuku Bush-u

As I consider the headlines in the SCUM which blithely announce that 'the NEXT President' will have to clean up Bush's mess in the Middle East while the smirking, shit-licking, strutting, swaggering, simian shitwhistles goes out on 'speaking' tours, harvesting millions of dollars, and I begin to consider salient alternatives, there is one that immediately suggests itself.
Any "President" whose term expires on a military and social catastrophe the likes of the Iraq fiasco, for which she/he ALONE is responsible, probably should be required to commit ritual suicide under the grandstand upon which her/his successor is being sworn in.
Someone who so lavishly and so vainly sacrificed so many others' lives should have to at atone with their own.
At a minimum, have their tongue ceremonially excised, to prevent them from further misleading people with their fatal lies.

but tha'sprolly jist me, innit?

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