Wednesday, September 19, 2007

56-43, w/6 Pukes voting Yeah

to restore habeas end the 'filibuster'.

Don't be deceived. The Pukes voting to restore were safe, because the fix was always in. They weren't going to defeat the filibuster, ever. The vote gave Sununu, Smith, and Snow "moderate" cover in their forthcoming election campaigns. Hagel, Lugar and Spectre were able to burnish their 'statesmanly' credentials. Johnson's not back yet, so no-mo-Joe musta voted 'right' for a change.

The Dims, if they had the nerve, would attach an amendment to restore habeas corpus to every single bill passing through Congress. They should despatch flunkies to insert the amendment into already reconciled bills ready for signature. Spectre knows how to do that. Whassamatta widdem?

You don't win arguments with fascists; you win wars against them.


Alexandra said...

Are they trying to destroy the military in order to replace it with a private mercenary one?

WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

That's a shrewd question, alexandra.
i think the bushevik/corpoRat agenda included undermining, attacking and, where possible, destroying any and all of the People's institutions. That would include the military. The armies of the late Roman Empire were largely mercenaries, who sometimes took 'better' offers.