Monday, September 17, 2007

Gates to Troops: "Tell It To A Chaplain, Assholes! You're in the Fucking Army, Now!"

Via Think Progress:

The Washington Post reported this morning that one of the “best opportunities” for war critics “to change policy” in Iraq is an amendment by Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), which would “mandate that home leaves for troops last as long as their deployments.” The measure failed in July to break a Republican filibuster, “but it appears to be gaining momentum in the Senate.”

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said he would recommend that the President veto the bill should it pass. “Yes, I would,” said Gates when asked by host Chris Wallace, calling it a “well-intentioned idea” that would “pose greater risk to our troops...”

We're gonna be sending kids to get killed in Iraq as long as the oil lasts. NOBODY's coming home til the Iraqi Oil law is enacted and signed.

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