Monday, February 4, 2013

TBGO: La-Di-Da-Di-Da--Regretable; Ya, Basta; Chem-Trail; Breeds

With Regret: Woody's a bit rueful that there is in me some perverse genie which bids me note, of this seemingly encouraging sentiment, that the one thing about which this is true for everyone at all times is the expiration of y/our mortal clocks.

Enough, Already! Someone on F-book was extolling the virtues of "Anarchism." Someone on F-book is ALWAYS extolling the virtues of  "Anarchism" (as well as 'chem trails," and the wonders of Icelandic politics)...
I raised my usual objection: that ANARCHISM is impractical and unpracticable in societies numbering more than about 300-500 members.
The correspondent pointed to the Paris communes and the Spanish Republic.
Which, I said, proves my point. They failed, in short order.
Anarchism works fine, until somebody ELSE comes along with an army and an attitude.
Hobbes, in the mid/late 17th century described "life in the state of nature"--which I take to describe the conditions under anarchism--as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short."
Things haven't really changed that much since.Power structures are INEVITABLE when managing the interests of disparate groups.;Why is that so hard to understand.  People cooperate WITHIN kinship groups. They compete OUTSIDE kinship groups. Always have, always will. Some bigger "power" is ALWAYS required to keep non-kinship groups from killing each other--see, e.g., the "erratic retaliator."

“Predators don’t do battle with their prey, they just eat them. When animals do battle, it’s always within their own species, for territory or mates, and no one despises them as morally flawed or dreams of a happier day when they’ll learn to live together like Thumper and Bambi.”

“Tribal warfare doesn’t work that way. Tribes living in a given area are more or less constantly in a state of low-level war with each other, but when Tribe X attacks Tribe Y, it doesn’t typically take over its territory or its mates; rather, after inflicting a certain amount of damage, it typically turns around and goes home. Before long, typically, Tribe Y returns the favor, attacking Tribe X, inflicting a certain amount of damage, then going home.” The same relationship exists among any other tribes in the area."
Far from being peaceful savages, humanity is always in a state of low-level, mortal conflict with those neighbors who are NOT also family.

Nothing out of the ordinary here folks...
WTF R "Chem-Trails?": CON-trails--Short for "Condensate" trails--occur when unburned hydro-carbons and water, by-products of hydro-carbon combustion in airplane engines, are expelled into the sub-zero, low-space environments from the hyper-heated engines.
You saw 'em all over Western Europe, starting this time 70 years ago. B-17s, B-24s and B-29s got up that high easily.
You don't NEED bogus conspiracies to demonize this shit. Have you ever spent any time under the flight path of an airport?
NOTHING stays clean/white; a fine, microscopic dust of unburned and partially burned kerosene settles on everything.
There are close to 100,000 , high-altitude air-craft flights of all kinds in USer air-space every day...Internal combustion aircraft engines, both jet and radial, at altitude,will do that...Not "mysterious": It's a function of physics and chemistry.
Just sayin...

Stop the Crop!  He's a cutey!
But tell me: WHY must fucking morons crop dogs' ears? It was originally done to fighting dogs to prevent them being siezed by the ears during a dog fight. We don't DO that crap anymore, do we AKC? Fight dogs? Plus, it REALLY is painful. So why crop the ears, other than ignorant, idiotic, stupid human vanity?<

Would this face lie? Monday mornings. Bleccchh.

BTW: NO! To BSL: HB 63 PROHIBITS "breed specific legislation"--local ordinances banning particular breeds of dogs as inherently dangerous--in New Mexico.

CONTACT members of the NM House Judiciary Committee and demand the skeevy fuckers pass it.

(Ignore that vapid, feculent, flap-jowled, ignorant, reeking pustule, Cathrynn Brown, (R-Carlsbad), the author of the bill to prevent rape victims from ABORTING fetuses that result from rape by prosecuting them (or their doctors) for "destroying evidence.".)

N.b.: New Mexico Bill HB 63: IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Each legislative committee only has 12 - 16 members. These committee members, although elected by their own constituents within their own districts, represent all the people of New Mexico when they serve on these committees - there are not enough seats within each committee to have a representative from every district.

When you are writing to and calling Judiciary committee members asking for their support of HB 63, it does not matter where you live in NM. Your voice matters and is needed now so please keep contacting Judiciary Committee members today.

Please send your phone calls and emails and request in-person meetings with Judiciary Committee members ( to ask for their support for passage of HB 63. Their emails follow:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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