Saturday, February 9, 2013

TBGO~~La-di-da-di-di: Stormy Whether

Don' Let No Gummint Push YOU Around: The brain-dead, ignoranti, "I-Ain't-Lettin'-No-Gummint-Tell-MAY-What-To-Do" contingent is complaining about "martial law" in Massachusetts, and being prohibited from sight-seeing on the snow-covered streets, in the interests of public safety.
Personally, I'm okay with letting the ignorant motherfuckers in Massachusets, who absolutely GOTTA drive around in two or three feet of snow do so.
Fuck martial law.
I'm gonna take the ol' Hummer out for a spin.
G'wan! All of ya moronic half-witz: Get out there and drive the fuck around Massachussets in the worst snow storm in a decade.
Just don't expect the State to rescue you, for free.
You stick yer Hummer--or yer Prius, either-- n a snowbank or slide it off a frozen bridge? Sorry, mate! Expect towing and rescue charges in the mailbox, and liens attched to the titles of yer fuuking carz AFTER the "Gummint" pulls yer sorry ass out, warms ya up and sends ya home with a ticket.
Wadda buncha fuuking dickwipes!

Don't TAZE me, Bro!~Woody thinkz this fella Dorner, the rogue cop/swat/sniper guy engaged in a vendetta with LAPD is--or SHOULD BE--a Second Amendment nut-case's wet-dream.
Not only 1) for what he's doing, in gun goon, abstract, 2nd Amendment terms--taking up arms and waging war on the state--but 2) also cuz he's what they think they need AK-47s to defend AGAINST: some bat-shit crazy Negro dude with an arsenal and an attitude!

Wowww, it has come to this.. Yes, I believe so..

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Grung_e_Gene said...

"I've been on food stamps and welfare, did anybody help me out? No." - Craig T. Nelson

Exactly right about the LAPD situation. 1) He's using his "2nd Amendemnt remedies" against the evil Gubermint and it proves what FreeRepublic, Ann Coulter and Senator Chuck Grassley state about gun violence, it's only a "blacks on black" problem.

The Soverign Citizens and Tea Party Birther/Birchers have a new manifesto to add to their Declaration of I Got Mine Screw You.

Insane Gun Huggers want their weapons so they can murder blacks, union goons, mooching teachers, and Leftists and take back their country.