Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TBGO~~La-di-da-di-Daaa: Propaganda; A Frame-up; Bless Me, Father;

It's ALL Propaganda: Woody thinkz: It is juvenile credulousness which expects to hear the unvarnished "truth" from the "State." Governments of ALL kinds communicate with their constituencies EXCLUSIVELY via 'propaganda."
Lasswell, who wrote the book on Propaganda in the '30s defined it as:
"...(t)he expression of opinions or actions carried out deliberately by individuals or groups with a view to influence the opinions or actions other individuals or groups for predetermined ends through psychological manipulations."
The State cannot speak the unedited 'truth' because it's constituencies are so varied.
So it must communicate in ways which can be interpreted differently by different audiences, even though using the same words for all...
Occupy Your Mind

It's a "Frame-up":  The deficit hawks and Govt. haters are still framing the debate because that gutless twat-wafffle, Prez. LowBar, who is the ONLY one in a postion to reframe the debate, won't challenge the frames.
Well that's quite an interesting question.
Personally, I believe it's because he, and the Dims, along with the GOPhux, are perfectly HAPPY with the frames as they are, and don't WANT to change 'em.

So here are five SURE THINGS to "reignite" the economy:
1. Double Social Security payments.
2. Double the minimum wage.
3. Rescind ALL income taxes on wages/earnings at or below minimum wage.
4. Remove ALL taxes on food.
5. Initiate a Green-tech CCC to transform the failing grid, and put the 10 million workers still unemployed from the '07/08 recession back to work.

Sighnts Presarve Uus! Remember the flack the poor woman caught for tearing up a foto of the fuukin popish Pederast in Chief on SNL?
It now appears, in the context of the recent revelations about the feudally (to put it mildly) brutal, harsh, punitive conditions which the Irish Catholic Church, in total collaboration with the Irish state, inflicted on these young women, that her rage and fury and disgust with the whole lot of them in her music was, if anything, restrained!
warning- it's the Sun.
In a similar vein, though lighter, this is hysterically funny.

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