Friday, February 8, 2013

TBGO: Right 2 Work Wrong 4 Workers

Attention-Getting: So-called "Right-to-work" legislation is under consideration in many states' legislatures this year: New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Michigan, at least. Wisconsin and Ohio passed it last year. Plus that Grand Poobah of Fucktardery, "Sen." Rand Paul, has introduced legislation in Congress that would nationalize the arrangement.

This is just one part of a nearly universal assault on labor all over the country. Another is the full-frontal assault on the USPS.

The sole and only purpose of these decades-long assaults on the USPS is and has been to destroy the postal unions, the largest federal employees unions remaining, in the whole country. Once the break the Unions, they can privatize the USPS and nobody can complain.

Remember: It cost the lives of thousands and thousands of workers--and their families--to extract from the Money Goons even the barest concessions, in 1937/38.

Now, with "Right to Work" legislation, and other anti-worker/anti-union/anti-liberal expedients, the Money Goons are successfully rescinding the deal.

If so (and there's no "if" about it), then it seems to me only fair that some of the fucking Goons trying to renege on the deals should pay the same price that our ancestors paid to secure them: death.

That's right.

Some of the Honcho-class needs to die, and pretty publicly.

Like those planters in India a couple of months ago who, after repeatedly stone-walling their plantation workers' complaints for YEARS and ignoring workers rquests for better wages and conditions, were trapped in their luxurious bungalow and incinerated when the workers set the building on fire.

I wouldn't want anyone to think I was suggesting such a plan, but ya gotta make an impression. Just sayin...

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