Thursday, February 28, 2013

TBGO: Meme-o-rizing

Dear Murka:
"First you gotta reduce yer population from 300 MILLION to 300 THOUSAND, reduce the size of the country by 1000 percent, and set it atop an active volcano, in the middle of the fuuking ocean, for energy.
When you get that done, call me again...We'll talk..."
There are so few similarities between "Iceland," as a gestalt, and the USofA similarly construed as to make ANY comparison--politicial, economic, social, historical, philosophical, whatever--meaningless.

Yes we can. 

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Wait a minnit! There's FAR more than a mere, meager 925 Million starving/hungry people in the world. Hell, there's near that many in India alone.
And then what?
After you feed 'em, and they wanna start to consume, like the REST of the world?
When we're running OUT of resources (think "potable water," just for one example) on which those newly fed folks would come to depend?
Besides, there's never been a "peace" that wasn't administered, maintained, or promulgated by the biggest, toughest, meanest mo-fo warriors around.

Only 8 days STOP of worldwide Wars (=30billion $), would feed worldwide ALL hungry people (925 Million) a whole year !!, estimated by UN-FAO (United Nations -Food Agriculture Organization) 
PLEASE remember: "There Never Was a Good War or a Bad Peace!" : BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ♥
Woody DETESTS bullshit like this: it's a destructive anti-intellectual canard.
That is: An allegation designed to denigrate and diminish actually THINKING about what you read, and redolent of the kinds of literalism which make the bible-blatherers both so wrong and so annoying.
Authors DO convey meaning by the application of symbolic tropes. They DO count on their readers to interpret them.
I'm sorry if you never went to Kolledge or did any 'real' literary analysis... It was fun.
Just sayin

A "Graphic" Meme: Astonishingly accomplished without a misattributed quote, bad statistics or otherwise erroneous information. Who gnu it could be done?

Why Glyphosate (Round Up) Should Be Banned:

Woody'd demur. Most people aren't smart enough to be meaningfully disobedient.
Oh, they can say "no."
But so can any two-year old.

The Moustache of Mendacity, John Stossel, showed up on Fbook this week in a story about how Righturd money is trying to insert his brand of so-called 'libertardian' codswallop into the school curriculum--as the Koch Bros have insisted that Ayn Rand's coprophagic ramblings be included in the readings in business schjools which they support. I have ALWAYS thought that the text-string "John Stossel" should never appear without this reminder of the true character of the sniveling little shit-whistle...

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