Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TBGO, Baaah-di-baaah-di-daaah: Vafanculo, Paisan!;

Kiss My Ass, Cully: Vafanculo, Nino...

During today's Supreme Court hearings on a suit attempting to overturn the Voting Rights Act, the skeevy scum Scalia said renewing VRA is a "perpetuation of racial entitlement."

MY editorial comment: This man is a pig!

 I'm pretty sure Nino is old enough to recall himself or relatives being denigrated as "guineas." According to the Urban Dictionary:
"The most vile racial slur that can be used against an Italian-American. Refers to the Guinea Coast of Africa; using this slur is a very offensive way of implying that Italian-Americans are non-whites (something we tend to get very defensive about!!).
Unlike the "N-word", which African-Americans sometimes use to address each other, no Italian-American would ever address another Italian-American using this word. Nor would they use the word "wop" (also offensive, but not in a racial way). HOWEVER, it IS common for Italian-Americans to refer to each other as "dago"; this is used the same way that blacks use the N-word with each other."
Nino obviously has learned top "roll widda punches."