Friday, February 15, 2013

TBGO~~La-di-da-di-di: "Jus Binness"; Chilling Business!

 Skule Daze For MBAze: A noted professor of "business administration" recently published an article which argues that business degrees are a waste of time.
After due deliberation, Woody thinkz he can impart the WHOLE MBA curriculum in five sentences:
1) A fool and his money are soon parted; there's a fool born every minute.
2) There are three things important for every successful business: location, location, and location.
3) Buy low; sell high.
4) There is an ass for EVERY seat.
5) Never give a sucker an even break.
Master these five principles and you'll have all the necessary tools.
A "Rule 6" was suggested by my friend, Prof. Wombat. Rule 6 states "You CAN cheat an honest man."
Yet, upon careful consideration, I would actually install "Rule 6" as, in fact, the encapsulation of the episteme of the whole "binness" enterprise. None of the rest would be true without "Rule 6," probably...
The only true reason why there are such things as MBAs--the only reaon they exist--izzat big money interests "invested" in--that is, they bought, from all-too-willing universities--an academic "field" to lend "scholarly dignity" to the chiseling , back-stabbing, and generally anethical behavior typical of the people engaged in it.  They poured MILLIONS of dollars into Universities to fund the establishment and maintenance of departments of "academic learning" which have no core curriculum or coherent epistemology. But a "degree" bestows the kind of spurious legitimacy which, ironically, is also the hallmark of "business" itself.


Chilling! Woody'z on alert: One of the MOST chillingly equivocal declarations of "support" for the whole IDEA of "civil liberties" that I've heard in the last 50 years was uttered by Attorney General (and former para-military murder and intimidation defender for the global giant, Chiquita) Eric Holder last week In the "NDAA" debate reportazge, Holder jesuitically proclaimed that yes, the Constitution guaranteed "due process." Now here's the jarring equivocation: but not necessarily "judicial" due process. "Due process" does NOT include any longer, apparently, the issuance of a warrant by the judiciary. Executive fiat now suffices.
The provisions for extra-judicial; execution and indefinite detention of anyone deemed a national danger by the Executive was bad enough. Was and IS thoroughly bad; pernicious; cancerous. But that little fillip curdled my fucking blood.
One can, I believe, presume that the bloody-minded, bloody-handed, careerist hack, Holder, speaks for Prez LowBar and the whole regime. That's some scary shit.
Btw: Folks are claiming the Law "intended" to roast Dorner alive in that cabin. I don't think so.
Oh, I am under no illusions, don't let the glasses fool ya; they were NEVER gonna take him alive. They couldn't risk a trial. They were ALWAYS gonna kill him.
But I think the fire was just the handiest, easiest, and surest of the expedients they had at hand to ensure the desired result.


YMMV: Religion is ALWAYS about controlling what people think, what they "believe," what they "know."
The way we know this is that all religious crimes are either 'thought' crimes themselves--apostasy, blashphemy, heresy-- or are actions that begin with the rejection of orthodoxy, such as sacrilege...
Most religions, also, require blind obedience, self-abasing humility, and unthinking "sacrifice" to the the "gods," and support for their instruments, the Church.
These trends are more pronounced the more "primitive"--the more removed from the modulating influence of "science,." and hence how "fundamentalist"--they are.
Religions exist, mostly, to me, in this age, to supply unimaginative people with a simple purpose in life, and structures to encourage them to be patient with their unimaginative lives.  
Soak, Wash, Rinse, Repeat:

Call a Spade a "Spade"?: Woody's NOT a great admirer of Dr. Ben Carson, the political rhetor.
He's apparently a brilliant surgeon. And he's clean and articulate, too; as he showed in his address to the "National Prayer Breakfast." But he's a simple-minded cretin with respect to government and/or politics. He doesn't know SHIT about it. He's never been elected to ANYTHING: Never offered his prejudices up to public scrutiny, to be accepted or rejected. His ideas about health care, flat taxation, and other things exhibit primordial ignorance channeled through the lens of acquired privilege.
Talking about government, the esteemed Doctor Crane has about as much credibility as Ayn Rand discussing brain surgery.
And I am deeply uneasy about his dismissal of the essential demands for politeness and respect that are the embedded core of the "political correctness" movement he disparages.
I wonder if he'd feel the same way if he'd faced the same kinds of experiences as his grand-parents did in profoundly, and unconsciously 'racialized" American society where they'd have experienced and endured OVERT racial hatred, name-calling and FAR worse (think Emmett Till)... And I believe I'm actually cutting the skeevy shitwhistle a break...

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