Saturday, November 28, 2009

It is alright to ignore Sarah Palin.

Really. The fact that she has about the same chance of being President at this point as Raygun did in 1978 is not important...

Consider her audience. It ain’t “us.”

Her appeal is to folks who fear knowledge, because it is threatening. Knowledge is not ‘certainty,’ except as to the ‘certainty’ of “ambiguity.”

Her “supporters” are existential cowards. We may see them as the paradigm case of inauthenticity and bad faith.

E.g.: Knowing about catastrophic climate change is a TERRIBLE burden. Really internalizing that knowledge, speaking it, repeating it, imposes a burden upon us.

If you deny it, you can reject the burden–though of course not the consequences. But rejection also makes it possible to blame those who did not reject the knowledge for the “bad” outcomes…

That’s why it’s cowardice…not mere ignorance.

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