Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dept. Of We Knew It All Along: The Raygunners Stole the '80 Election

That darn Robert Parry! Him and his gol-dang ConsortiumNews blog. They are such a cards. Playful folks, alright...

Why, just Imagine, the cheek!

Here they go a'tellin' us that what everybody knew about the '80 campaign but that nobody--except us 'unserious' people--dared to talk about, which was that the Raygunauts--led by the CIA, in the person of GHWBush and Bill Casey--met secretly in Paris with the Iranians holding US Embassy hostages in Tehran, and made a deal to trade guns for hostages when they were in power, that prevented Jimmy Carter's so-called "October Surprise" from perhaps turning the tied in the election by negotiating the hostages' release in time for the Nov. 1980, vote.

Until today, alleging the 'truth' to such allegations was widely regarded as akin to proudly donning a tin-foil helmet and a hobby horse to take on the dragons under the bed: Foolish, outrageous, childish, paranoid. It's been almost universally thought to be expressly "UNAMERICAN" to even harbor such a suspicion. "Serious" sentiment held, and will likelky cleave to the myth that "Americans" would never descend to gangsterism and thuggery merely to win the presidency. That "beacon of liberty to the world," the United States of America would NEVER have dimmed that blazing light while such blatant fraud, and acts that were 'technically' treason were committed in the furtherance of political ends.

Turns out that that is EXACTLY, PRECISELY what occurred. The evidence was gathered, witnesses were interviewed, and the story was there, but it was never told until now. Maximum Props to Robert Parry and his crew. Reagan and Casey have actualized their incipient putrescence already, but Big Daddy Bush is still among us, and it would do the country good to see a treacherous oligarch strapped to a gurney, on his way to the "big Sleep."

Over at Mark Crispin Miller's blog, he's got a link to the Parry/Consortium story, or you can link through directly from this link.

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kelley b. said...

We knew it all along, the story's ou now, and nobody but those of us that knew it to begin with will ever believe it.

The more things change, the more they stay the strange.