Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wholly Crap!

Sunday's Fundies.

We'll lead with this from blogger "The Future Was Yesterday":
People are always seeing religious images in all sorts of materials, usually images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. The sightings bring scores of people to gaze, make all sorts of inane remarks and even worship. I have a slew of these "sightings" in archives.
I copied the bird poop video and article when it hit the news, even ABC published it. One of Dan'l's commenters had it on his blog so I didn't post it here. Now there is another one, less publicized, so I'm posting both for your amusement. Also a funny image of Jesus on a dog's butt. Jesus' head is represented by the dog's anus, while Jesus' feet rest on the dog's testicles. Jesus' arms spread towards each buttock (if dogs have buttocks). Now, don't anybody get all in a religious frenzy over this. (Photo: image of Jesus on dog's butt):
Elsewhere, on C&L today, Mike, tracking the whack so you don't have to, had his occasional comprehensive precis:
HOLY CRAP: Warriors for Christ...God Calling...Texas bible scholars...Ayatollah Kit Bond...The kindness of God...Just Repent...Diseases caused by sin...Liberal Jesus...Are you there, God?...Idaho says no...Lutherans to allow gay pastors...Holy-War Fever...

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P M Prescott said...

The human mind always tries to make order out of chaos. We see figures in the stars (the zodiac), pictures in clouds, etc. If you're a religious nut you'll see Christ (not that anyone actually knows what he looked like) or the Virgin Mary. No real mystery here.