Monday, August 3, 2009

"Birf" Pains... (In the Ass)

Womb Raiders - Orly Taitz
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In response to a post on theMom's place, on the notorious birfer/dentist/attorney/realtor Orly Taitz (here I am consciously refraining from making a sexist ass of myself), I posted the following comment:
I bet she's soliciting and collecting thousands of dollars per day to help finance her "campaign."

She's a whore, in plain language. She may also be sympathetic with the inarguably racist sub-text of the birfer schtick. A lot of Eastern European migrants are.

As I've noted before, the birfer movement is 99.99999 percent white folks who cannot stand the opprobrium they'd face if--without masks on--they gathered in the town square to shout assent as the ni88er was lynched. The "CrackerNation" is furious about this affront to their self-image. They don't mind taking orders. In fact, the prefer it: that way they don't have to waste any time actually thinking, when they could be drinking beer and molesting their female relatives.

But they jis ain' up fer taking no orders fum no goddam ni88er. Nosir! That's not the deal...

I begin to suspect it's really a plot designed incite/"recruit" a killer to get Obama. The ardor with which the birfers proclaim their "religious" cause is ferocious and all the more terrifying because it is inspired by "belief," howsoever much it's fanned by opportunistic poseurs like this Taitz creature.

But the 'pundits' who moaned rhetorically over "who could rid them of this meddlesome priest" can claim ignorant innocence, in the event. The way they could distance themselves from that cretin Scott Roeder who murdered Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Ks., this year.

I don't see any good ending to this.
Incidentally Orly blogged later that she had divined that Colbert was not truly a conservative, but merely made mock of them. Shrewd, this one. I want her on my legal/dental/rental team...

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ZIRGAR said...

I saw the Colbert segment with Taitz and she's clearly a complete idiot. Also, I think your assessment hits the bullseye regarding the reason why these birhter/teabagger idiots take orders instead of trying to think for themselves, and actually it's true of Conservatives in general, as many psychological studies have shown over the years, and it will inevitably end with one of these fools trying to kill Mr. Obama. These people are morons, but ehy are scary as well. Nothing is scary than an unthinking, irrational, passionate zealot.