Saturday, August 15, 2009

There Is No Justice...

Early today, a columnist on BuzzFlash, Michael Winship a moderate and level-headed kind of fellow (known for, among other things, his collaborations with Bill Moyers, another reasonable, moderate person), inscribed in the Byte-o-sphere an essay on the failings, irrationalities, and other strategies by which the insane goat-fuckers of the Right are opposing health-care reform, and postulating ways they could return to sanity. He illustrated the dilemma with a story from his own autobiography, concerning the last days of both his parents.
In the months and years prior to my mother's death, the kind of end-of-life counseling that health care reformers are talking about -- not the bizarre, phony "death panels" falsely conjured by Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Betsy McCaughey and others, now including Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) -- would have been welcome.
He concluded
One way to reestablish some shred of that credibility would be any kind of viable health care reform alternative from the GOP. Another would be to engage in a more reasoned debate. Neither has happened so far, and in the heat of the current ugly fray, neither seems likely.
Taken aback that anyone would actually welcome the 'restoration' of the GOP, I replied:

1) Universal, single-payer health insurance such as is provided by every actually civilized country on earth, is such a "no-brainer," from a cognitive and socio-political perspective that there really are no 'rational reasons' to oppose it. So the Pukes and their lumpen-Orcs oppose it with fear, lies, and irrationality (animated by the best example of institutional racism--as if there were any other kind--that you could ever expect to see outside a designed experiment).

2) Why should anyone care that the GOPukes restore credibility? They control the agenda without a shred of it now, even though the Dims are nominally "in power." There is NOTHING about the GOPukes, qua "party," that is in any way worth restoring, and there hasn't been since wretched Ronnie Raygun sent Bush and Casey to (treasonously) negotiate with the Ayatollahs to block the "October surprise" and ruin Jimmy Carter's chances for re-election.

For that little escapade, I'd like to see all the participants' bones decaying in labelled gibbets along Pennsylvania Ave...

There is no justice in this life, and there is no "next" life. So if these fucking stupid, racist, moronic, knuckle-dragging, asswipe sunsabitches are gonna suffer for their sins, it's gotta be in the here and now...
The best thing you can do: Shun Pukes...all of them, even if they're family...

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