Sunday, August 2, 2009

The "Known" Knowns

In the latest Tomgram, that redoubtable critic of USer imperialism presents us with an account of the behaviors of the previous USer regime, while it spent 7 or 8 years "trying" to establish an international "death squad" operating out of the Vice-president's office (Sy Hersch, notably, blew the whistle on the enterprise last year, though virtually nothing has been done about it other than that new CIA director Leon Panetta has assured us that the unit, allegedly never completely operational, has been disbanded...yeah, right...) which includes the following (I have broken the tomgram paragraph into discrete bits):
In the name of everything reasonable, and in the face of acts of evil by terrible people, we tortured wantonly and profligately, and some of these torture techniques -- known to the previous administration and most of the media as "enhanced interrogation techniques" -- were actually demonstrated to an array of top officials, including the national security adviser, the attorney general, and the secretary of state, within the White House.

We imprisoned secretly at "black sites" offshore and beyond the reach of the American legal system, holding prisoners without hope of trial or, often, release;

We disappeared people;

we murdered prisoners;

we committed strange acts of extreme abuse and humiliation;

We kidnapped terror suspects off the global streets and turned some of them over to some of the worst people who ran the worst dungeons and torture chambers on the planet. Unknown, but not insignificant numbers of those kidnapped, abused, tortured, imprisoned, and/or murdered were actually innocent of any crimes against us.

We invaded without pretext, based on a series of lies and the manipulation of Congress and the public.

We occupied two countries with no clear intent to depart and built major networks of military bases in both. Our soldiers gunned down unknown numbers of civilians at checkpoints and, in each country, arrested thousands of people, some again innocent of any acts against us, imprisoning them often without trial or sometimes hope of release. Our Air Force repeatedly wiped out wedding parties and funerals in its global war on terror. It killed civilians in significant numbers. In the process of prosecuting two major invasions, wars, and occupations, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans have died.

In Iraq, we touched off a sectarian struggle of epic proportions that involved the "cleansing" of whole communities and major parts of cities, while unleashing a humanitarian crisis of remarkable size, involving the uprooting of more than four million people who fled into exile or became internal refugees.

In these same years, our Special Forces operatives and our drone aircraft carried out -- and still carry out -- assassinations globally, acting as judge, jury, and executioner, sometimes of innocent civilians.

We spied on, and electronically eavesdropped on, our own citizenry and much of the rest of the world, on a massive scale whose dimensions we may not yet faintly know.

We pretzled the English language, creating an Orwellian terminology that, among other things, essentially defined "torture" out of existence (or, at the very least, left its definitional status to the torturer).
Aren't you proud to be an American now?

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