Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who Still Regards "thePrez" As "Guardian" of Your Rights?

Suckers! Professor of Constitutional Law? Bwahahahahaha!
This is just fucking reprehensible, though probably not unexpected, given the constriction of our liberty by the 'imperatives of security.' It does seem of a part with the ambiguous signals sent about the legitemacy of torture, because if successful, it would deprive the 'suspect' ("perp"/"skel") of a witness to her/his interrogation...

From the London (UK) Telegraph, via OpenLeft, today.
DOJ urges SCOTUS to overturn suspects right to counsel when questioned by police

The Obama administration is urging the US Supreme Court to overturn a landmark decision that stops police from questioning suspects unless they have a lawyer present.
The effort to sweep aside the 23-year-old Michigan vs Jackson ruling is one of several moves by the new government to have dismayed civil rights groups. ("thePrez") has already provoked controversy by backing the continued imprisonment without trial of enemy combatants in Afghanistan and by limiting the rights of prisoners to challenge evidence used to convict them.

The Michigan vs Jackson ruling in 1986 established that, if a defendants have a lawyer or have asked for one to be present, police may not interview them until the lawyer is present. Any such questioning cannot be used in court even if the suspect agrees to waive his right to a lawyer because he would have made that decision without legal counsel, said the Supreme Court. However, in a current case that seeks to change the law, the US Justice Department argues that the existing rule is unnecessary and outdated.

The sixth amendment of the US constitution protects the right of criminal suspects to be "represented by counsel", but the Obama regime argues that this merely means to "protect the adversary process" in a criminal trial. The Justice Department, in a brief signed by Elena Kagan, the (Obama) solicitor general, said the 1986 decision "serves no real purpose" and offers only "meagre benefits".
Seems like so simple a decision when you yourself likely will never encounter serious Polizei interrogation: "Choo dun neet no steenkeen' lawyer, esse. Chust tell us wachew were doeen..."

What kind of delusional fuckwit ever believed Obama would restore civil rights? Civil rights are entirely antithetical to the imperatives of both the CorpoRats and the CorpoRat State. And 'thePrez' is ENTIRELY a creature of those two, conjoined interests.

I don't know the Obama position, but the Bushevik DoJ were also trying to overturn Miranda. Given this, I would be very careful. Perhaps we should console ourselves that he's not as bad as Bush was or McStain would have been...

Not yet...

I googled the story and there's nothing out in public about it except on blogs. None of thge SCUM have anything about it...


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A World Quite Mad said...

I hate politicians. Nothing but lying scumbags for the most part.

And gee, I wonder why there's nothing in the press about this? Could it be because they're too busy inciting panic over a (non-existent) pandemic of swine flu... just sayin'.