Thursday, April 30, 2009

Varmints, Beware!

Thanks to the inexpressably odious stupidity (or callousness; I am not sure which is worse), even more grief and pain has now been heaped on the memory and family of Matthew Shepherd, even on the eve and the day of the passage by the House of a Bill that bears his name. The source of that unforgivable offense stares smugly at you from the margin here.

In the discussion surrounding that landmark act, an incredibly, unspeakably vile piece o' shit from North Carolina, one Rep. Virginia Foxx (R.-N.C.), an opponent of all such legislation, claimed that the 1998 execution-style murder of Shepherd, a gay university student, by a couple of drunk "cowboys" near Laramie, WY, was not a "hate-crime" but rather was "just a robbery gone horribly wrong" and that the 'hate-crime' ASPECT of the story was a "hoax." Her word.

When the story blew up on the blogs, she hastily retreated from the 'hoax' word, but maintained she still didn't regard the killing as a 'hate-crime.' She also issued an apology to Shepherd's family:
"I am especially sorry if his grieving family was offended by my statement," she added.



That's not an apology, you vile, vicious vilifying slag.

It is, rather, a perfect paradigm of the classic "not apologizing for shit" apology perfected over the last eight years--but really since Nixon--by a parade of shit-head politicians, mainly on the Right, who have managed to offend sensibilities and then glibly pass off their bias with a brisk statement that always contains the word "if."

There's nothing I can write--no curse, no profanity, no invective, no expletive, nothing--which would do justice to my revulsion, disgust, and gut-sickness that I have to breathe the same air as this feculent, reeking, dripping, foul, stupid, self-righteous, self-pitying excrescence of a 'woman.'

I wouldn't trust myself in the same room with her.

Her contention was belied by testimony in the trial, when one of the killers tried to invoke "gay-panic" in his own defense.

But there is one thing more which speaks louder than words on the subject.

I've lived in the west most of my life, and I recognized--as any westerner would--one particular signal the killers sent which stated their intent more clearly than any words: They strung/slung/nailed their victim's body across a stock-fence. This is the way the knuckle-dragging, slobbering rancher contingent disposes of the carcasses of the 'varmints'--coyotes, wolves, etc--they kill.

They claim it 'sends a message' to other critters..


A World Quite Mad said...

I know where she got that from. She's been reading right-wing wacko blogs and listening to right-wing wacko talking heads. Oh yes, because you see, they say that the killers backtracked after the trial, saying they only "said" they did it because of "gay panic" in the hope that they would get a reduced sentence/off the hook. Then they blame it on the Meth they were high on. Yes. Right.

As if I believe anything that those two lying sacks of shit say. As if they would continue to tell the truth, since that might be a win for gay rights. Or if I even believe anything I read that said they said any such thing. But yes, if you want to subject your brain to incoherent ramblings in the right-wing-nut universe, which I do on occasion but do not recommend, you too can find exactly where she got her notes from.

It's basically an attempt by the right-wing wackos to discredit the whole thing, because the fact that Matthew Shepard was someone's little boy, a human being, who had a mother who loved him, doesn't register with them. They view him solely as a cause célèbre for the "gay agenda". Such stupidity. And this woman is elected and she gets her notes from people like Savage and Malkin.

ZIRGAR said...

Holy, god damn, son! AMEN! Preach it! I'm so sick and tired of these batshit loudmouthed assholes thinking they can get a mulligan just by expressing some disengenuous backhanded insulting apology, which in the end serves as no real apology at all. Of course that's not what ultimately offends me--no, what offends me is the callous and utter disregard for the lives, feelings and experiences of gay people, their families and loved ones.
This blog was both intellectual and visceral at the same time. Awesome achievement!

PS--not to make light of any of this, but I think you're the only blogger I know of, besides me, to use a variant of "feculent". Nice. It fits with these people, no?