Friday, April 24, 2009

Medicare For All: "Everybody In, Nobody Out!"

I listened to a stomach-turningly dishonest colloquy with Senator Max Baucus last night on NPR. Baucus declared he wouldn't "waste (his) time" fighting for universal care which had no political support. Of course, he's a lying sack of shit (Duh!). There is plenty of political (popular/populist) support. But the resistance from the entrenched, powerful, wealthy, corrupt, venal, parasitic health insurance industry is effectively unopposable, given the influence of FIRE on the re-election coffers of Congresscritters.

The feculent, reeking POS Baucus is taken care of, now and forever: neither he nor his family will never suffer the lack of health care--or much else, given that NOBODY has ever departed Congress broke. The bastard is just another gutless, feckless, reeking, useless, worthless piece of shit political coward. There are over 500 of them in Congress...

DOTOF™: Avedon's Sideshow, and Lambert/CorrenteWire, who says:
"So, we could be pragmatic and go with what works, or we could experiment with some cobbled-together Rube Goldberg public-private partnership thing, like the Village consultants and the lobbyists want, so the insurance companies can keep collecting fees for denying us care. Gee, let me take a minute to think..."

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