Sunday, April 19, 2009

US Won't Attend UN Anti-Racism Conference

Via: ReligionClause blog:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

US Will Boycott Durban Review Conference

The State Department, in a press release issued yesterday, announced that it would boycott the United Nations Durban Review Conference being held in Geneva this week. This follows earlier withdrawal of the U.S. from pre-conference meetings and a statement that it would re-engage only if dramatic changes were made in the conference draft resolution. (See prior posting.) The Hudson Institute's Eye on the UN last week published a scathing report on the final draft of the review conference outcome document that continues to reflect the agenda of Islamic countries. CNN reports that the Congressional Black Caucus was dismayed at President Obama's decision and would have liked the U.S. to send a diverse delegation to the anti-racism conference.

I queried at the site whether it was only "Islamic" nations which characterized on-going, pervasive, violent Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing as 'racism.' The mod there filters the posts, so I don't know if it will eventually appear or not. Still, it seems to me to be a legitimate question.

As for the Black Caucus, I don't know what they're STILL worried about. Obama's president, and racism's over, finished, a dead issue, a whine by losers...


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