Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Last Straw: Obamanista DoJ Seeks Felonies Against Heroic Utah Enviro-Monkeywrencher

Remember that brave young fellow, Tim DeChristopher, the geology grad student at the University of Utah who, one day last year, after taking his last final, went by a hastily arranged and probably illegal federal energy auction leasing meeting and torpedoed the fucker by biddding on parcels he cou8ldn't pay for, and driving up the prices so far that the Feds had to cancel the auction?

A true hero!

Well, now the Obamafux DoJ has announced it will prosecute the guy on FELONY charges.

ANd now I am done with Obama. Fucking DONE. OVER. I never was a great fan, but the last vestiges of respect I might have felt for the glad-handing ward-heeler are GONE!

Via OPENLEFT/Paul Rosenberg today:
Student Who Distupted Illegal Land Auction Charged With Two Felonies By Obama DOJ

by: Paul Rosenberg
Sat Apr 04, 2009 at 11:30

In the waning weeks of the Bush Administration, Tim DeChristopher disrupted a lease of public lands for oil and gas exploration by bidding up prices against those who intended to drill on the lands if oil or gas was found. (Democracy Now! reported on December 22, and I diaried about it here the following Sunday.) (And I blogged about it twice, here, and here. W.)

The leases were subsequently invalidated, because the hurried process of bringing them to bid violated federal regulations. Although he had no money to pay for the leases when he bid on them, DeChristopher subsequently did get the money to cover them, as the result of becoming an instant folk hero. He was prepared to pay for the leases, but the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) couldn't accept the money, since the leases had been invalidated.

Now, however, DeChristopher is being charged with two felonies, even though the only reason he didn't make good on the payments is because the sales were withdrawn. Apparently, the act of exposing the rigged nature of the bidding was crime enough--"disrupting" the tacit collusion whereby bidding stopped well short of what the bidders were actually willing to pay.

And this is the Obama Department of Justice we're talking about now.
I am done with these right-wing motherfuckers. Done. I never held much hope, of course. I've been around too damned long for much such delusion; but I'll admit I cherished a slender scintilla of "hope."

Obama? Dead to me. Fuck him...

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