Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Serious Question: Is This All There Is?

It is a puzzlement:

HOW can nominally reasonable, apparently intelligent people even imagine for a single moment, in the deepest fits of collective faith/delusion, that the OWNERS of the country --the elites, the aristos, the oligarchs, the plutocrats, etc-- would EVER turn over management of THEIR insanely valuable "property," (i.e., the Country) or even the system of its administration (i.e., the Government), to somebody--to ANYBODY--who wasn't utterly, totally, and completely trustworthy.

Would YOU turn over your immensely valuable business to someone who posed even the tiniest, remotest, slightest, slimmest CHANCE of undoing the least jot or tittle of your fantastically profitable status quo? Would Macy tell Gimble?

No! Preposterous! Who could believe--who would DO--such a thing?

So we must believe that Prez.O, having necessarily won their trust before even gaining the nomination, has long since faithfully demonstrated he neither will--nor even is particularly inclined to--upset any corporate/oligarchic/elitist applecarts...Obama's just another a game piece. Mebbe not a pawn, mebbe a rook; but nevertheless one whose moves are totally circumscribed by the game and the role he plays in it. But he's no less a figurehead than Bush was, and for exactly the same interests...

And just so you understand: Recessions, depressions, and the like, are GREAT for the wealthy, because in such distressed times, they can recover their assets from the peons to whom they have leased them (what, you thought you 'owned" anything?) at fire-sale prices. Prez.Obama (along with the rest of the Congress, the bureaucracy, and the Press,) is in on the scam, and they play along, happily.

And as to the illustration, and the query included therein: No, he won't prosecute. If he did--to continue for a moment the chess-piece analogy--he'd be a Rook acting like a Queen.

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