Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is Val Kilmer Throwing His, Hat...Into The Ring?

A local blog, NMFBIHop, reports there are indications that the carpetbagging actor, who owns a BUNCH of New Mexico ground outside Santa Fe where he provides safe range for injured wild animals, may have his eye on the Gubernatioorial race in 2010, when incumbent Bill Richardson, who is term-limited, will have to step aside.

Early indications are that he may be considering running as a Democrat.
Thu Feb 19, 2009 at 02:20:54 AM MST
It looks like Val Kilmer is running for governor in 2010, at least according to a report by Heath Haussamen.
Val Kilmer has hired the Washington public relations firm McMahon, Squier & Associates to handle communications and media for his potential gubernatorial campaign, a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed.
The move is a major step toward a gubernatorial run for an actor who has made a lot of noise about considering running for New Mexico governor in 2010 but taken no visible, concrete steps toward making it happen -- until now.
In case you are wondering, Kilmer has yet to acknowledge any of the issues for New Mexico. Not just since positioning himself for a run for governor, but since living in New Mexico in general.

Kilmer looks to be running as a governor as a Democrat. I wonder how rank and file Democrats will welcome the revelations that he was a supporter of Ralph Nader.
I have been in two of his films, though our paths never crossed (Blind Horizon and Comanche Moon). Personally, the information that he is a Nader supporter makes him MORE attractive to me than the likely front-runner in the Dim race, current Lt.Gov. Diane Denish, an old-line, neo-liberal Dim pol who has been around NM Dim Party politics for dog-years...


Dusty said...

I like that he isn't a blind Dem follower too.

But I ain't a fan of actors running for elected office..most just know how to bullshit well...and nothing more..Reagan and Ahnold come to mind.. ;)

P M Prescott said...

I'd like to see Diane Denish kick his fat ass.

Coming to ya by way of the cornfield.